You’re invited: let’s talk #Transformation2017

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Join us this Friday for a real (Twitter) chat about transformation in the creative, advertising and digital industries, led by the young voices of South Africa. 

DATE: Friday, March 31 from 12pm – 1pm


WHO SHOULD JOIN THE DISCUSSION: young people, digital hustlers, MDs, CDs, execs, HR practitioners, entrepreneurs, brands, marketers …

WHAT’S THE TWITTER CHAT ABOUT: We’ve read some of the articles from the local heavy-hitters and industry insiders:

Read some of the articles herehere and here

… but now we also want hear from the young people in these industries about your experiences and challenges and talk about some real solutions. We want to hear from HR practitioners too and hear about any different or new interventions that exist are have been put in place to not only accelerate transformation but also make sure it’s not just about filling quotas but also about injecting real change.


HOW TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION? Use the hashtag #Transformation2017 and tweet your answers to the respective question number.

For example:

@LiveMagSA: Q1 blah blah blah?

You: A1 It happened to me … #Transformation2017


WHY IS LIVITY AFRICA HOSTING A DISCUSSION ABOUT TRANSFORMATION? Livity Africa’s Digify programme was recently awarded with an IAB Bookmark for Best Contribution to Transformation in the Digital Industry.

In 2014, in association with Google, Livity Africa launched Digify, a digital bootcamp for 18-25 year olds, offering young people coaching in digital and social media skills to equip them for a digital career. Digify trainees were put through their paces with an intensive three-month programme with training in conceptualising, pitching and implementing digital campaigns, running social accounts, content creation as well as key Google modules such as Search, AdWords, YouTube and Analytics.

Responding to the needs of the growing digital landscape, Digify expanded to Cape Town as well as Kenya and Nigeria (in 2016), offering shorter, one-day and two-day courses.

Digify is a new pathway in education, employment and empowerment, proving that by learning and improving digital skills, one can increase your chances of becoming employed or starting your own business of freelance career in Africa, as many our more than 70000-trained have gone on to do.

Let’s chat!

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