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The youth content agency: platforms, campaigns, ideas and social change...created for young people, driven by young people.

Who We Are

_MG_1962-LLivity Africa is a youth content agency that develops platforms, campaigns, ideas and social change… all created for young people, driven by young people.

We work with young people every day in our offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town to develop skills in content creation, media, marketing, digital and business entrepreneurship and connect them with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. We create our own platforms – like Live SA – where these skills and ideas come to life for a national audience of young people.

We also deliver jobs to service clients, including Google, Red Bull and the British Council Connect ZA, who get uniquely connected with a precious pool of young talent, energy and ideas.

The story so far

We were launched in Cape Town in 2011 by former Livity UK Associate Director and winner of the 2010 UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year, Gavin Weale. Livity Africa is the first international expansion of pioneering youth communications specialist Livity UK, which was launched in London in 2001 by award-winning social entrepreneurs Sam Conniff and Michelle Clothier. Live Magazine was originally created by Livity UK in Brixton, South London, in 2002. We were fortunate to have the support of the Shuttleworth Foundation to establish operations in Cape Town and the British Council South Africa to kick-start our Johannesburg office.

We are currently running two core programmes which help upskill young people with digital and media skills. Live SA is a nationwide youth-run media channel covering a range of topics from fashion, politics, music, art, relationships, career advice, events and gigs. All the content is 100% produced by our team of 18-25 year olds. Working closely with professional mentors, they receive on-the-job training in journalism, digital media and business entrepreneurship. Digify is an innovative training journey developed by Livity Africa, with support from Google and IAB SA, aiming to create the next generation of job-ready digital upstarts.

“Every debate we have about our future as a country ultimately comes down to one thing – the future of our youth. Improving education and job opportunities for the youth should be our number one priority. The latest ABC figures confirm Live is resonating with our youth. We should take notice of this.”
Patrick Conroy, Group Head of News at eNCA

We also create youth content, insights and campaigns for clients including eTV, Puma, Metropolitan, Legit, Stayfree and the World Design Capital. Finally, we manage large-scale projects benefiting young people on behalf of clients such as the British Council South Africa, Google and eTV. We also empower young entrepreneurs who are into cryptocurrency trading such as bitcoin. We train them with some automated software applications to make the job easy; have a look at for more information.

Our talented team of mentors and professionals come from a diverse range of creative, journalistic, youth development, design, video, photography, marketing and PR, events and digital backgrounds.

How We Do It

Our agency

We provide our clients a unique connection to a valuable pool of young talent, energy and ideas. We offer:

Need youth-friendly content? Ask us! Live’s backpack journalists are on the ground, mobile and tuned into the youth perspective. Not only will you be giving these professionally mentored content-creators a taste of the working world, you will also be getting authentic content straight from the minds of your target audience.

Text: Live can produce professional written content, from profile pieces and interviews to market and/or brand reviews
Video: From 60 second vox pops to 7 minute mini-documentaries, our team will produce videos to your brief and budget
Contract publishing: Live can conceptualise and create all content for leaflets to booklets, from copy to design and distribution

Creative Campaigns / Branded co-created content
Let our talented young team interpret your brief! We respond to creative briefs in a unique way, with our young contributors creating branded content under the expert mentorship of our professional team. The solution is always bespoke. We don’t offer ‘off-the-shelf’ packages – our mission is to truly understand the client’s objectives and what makes the audience tick. Solutions run across online and social media, and can include co-creation, sponsored content, competitions and campaigns.

Join brands like Red Bull, Chicken Licken, eNCA, Pick n Pay, Puma, J&J and Metropolitan, as well as government departments and NGOs in getting your online or social media advertising campaign in front of Live SA’s targeted audience. Download Live SA’s digital rate card

Our active street team of youth brand ambassadors provides you direct access to urban, suburban and township locations with high youth footfall. Get your product or publicity material out to train stations, taxi ranks, high streets, malls and youth events via this unique distribution channel.

Youth insight and research
Need to find out what young people are thinking? Our team develops and delivers tailored youth audience insight solutions to immerse your business teams in the lives of young people. From once-off focus group sessions to longer, bespoke immersion projects. Our international insight clients include the BBC, Nike, Blackberry, Unilever, Adidas, Johnson & Johnson and Metropolitan.


Wall of Fame

Through the Live Magazine SA programme, Livity Africa has directly benefited 259 content creators to date. Of these, 117 completed a 3-month internship; of that cohort 52% progressed to paid employment and 25% into (or back to) education within three months of programme completion. Meet some of our young “Wall of Fame” graduates.

Buhle Mweli

I came to Live unemployed after leaving university and a job a year prior. I was convinced nonetheless that there was something bigger for me out there. Live was my first stint in the media industry, so started out writing, became fashion editor and eventually Editor in Chief. What started out as just trying out my hand in professional writing, manifested into me realizing my passion. The mentors and fellow interns always challenged me, which taught me to be assertive. And lastly Live opened me up to so many possibilities. I really am grateful to Gavin, Connect ZA and everyone I’ve worked with. I am to start a new position in 2014 at HSM (a publishing company) as Assistant Editor for their Club, ClubX and Kids SuperClub magazines.


Vuyolwethu Dubese

Deciding to take a gap year after matric, Vuyolwethu Dubese joined Live in February 2013 as Social Media Editor, YouTube Presenter and Writer. A showreel completed at Live led to being cast as a presenter for Roughing It Out, a kids’ reality TV show on SABC2. While taping the first season, Vuyo also completed a Production Assistant internship at Insync Productions. Between presenting, Vuyo hosts a morning radio slot on 2 Oceans Vibe’s Imbo Live, as well as MCing at Jam That Session, a live platform, for emerging South African musicians and DJs.

“I could never thank the Live team enough for opening the door to an inexperienced matriculant who had no idea of where she was headed.”


Mawande Manez Sobethwa

Bringing filmmaking and editing skills with him, Mawande was one of the first recruits to join Live Magazine SA’s YouTube team. He had a lot of great ideas and stories to tell, and Live gave him the platform and the space
to explore and bring his ideas to life. During his internship, Mawande had the opportunity to work on numerous creative projects, including the representation of Cafe MAL in the finals of the Commons Pitch (a part of the Design Indaba 2012). He is currently working at 140 BBDO, sharing his ideas and working alongside professionals in the advertising industry. In 2012, Manez – still only an intern – won a GOLD Loerie Award for his first-ever radio commercial for Snickers.


Asanda Kaka

An unemployed school dropout, Asanda joined Live Magazine SA as a writer, photographer and social media editor. Her stay at Live Magazine SA gave her a wealth of experience and enriched her self-confidence. Asanda landed a job at ETV as a news intern after leaving Live, and is quite optimistic about her future.


Danyal Zaal

Danyal is goal driven and motivated in the things that he wants, living by the quote: ‘’Never stop to try and never fail to try.’’ He is also a strong believer in everything he does. Before he came to Live he worked at printing company Paarl media as a PA and Acting Supervisor. He is also a young entrepreneur, and has been running a homemade cupcake business for one year. He started at Live Magazine on Issue 5 as a gadget and food journalist, video editor and producer. Working at the magazine helped him to build up his self-confidence and open new channels for himself. He has moved on to a six month internship at ETV.


Lauren Snyders

Lauren was Chief Sub-Editor during her time at Live Magazine SA. She often wrote stories, but her main task was making sure that each story was ready for the designers and ready for print. She joined Live Mag SA because she needed experience and felt that Live would be the perfect opportunity. She is currently working as a digital writer for Groupon.


Sivuyile Felix Mntuyedwa

Sivuyile was looking for employment when he found out about Live Magazine SA from a friend. He joined the magazine as a Graphic Designer to gain work experience, but soon moved up to become the first Art Director. As Art Director, he was responsible for the look and feel of the magazine. Some of his duties included designing layouts and illustrations to accompany articles. Sivuyile is currently working as a design intern at 140BBDO, applying all of the skills that he learned from Live Magazine SA to his new position in the media industry.


Papi Plaatjie

Papi wanted to study marketing after high school, but due to lack of finances was unable to do so. He joined Live Magazine SA as the first marketing mentee and with assistance from the 140 BBDO mentoring team was soon given the marketing manager position. Some of his responsibilities included managing magazine distribution, brainstorming for ads and managing street teams. Papi is now part of the Livity Africa Ad Sales team where he continues to work on his marketing skills and come up with great ideas.

Polly Sekwala

Polly is a young and ambitious woman with aspirations of becoming a media mogul one day. This media fanatic who loves all things creative is a media graduate and a journalist by profession. She just loves having fun man, and words seem to bring that into her life. Polly studied media straight after Matric and fell in love with the industry. She started work in the advertising industry as an executive and had the privilege to work alongside major companies. Polly was introduced to Live Magazine SA by a friend through the Creative Hustle events hosted by Live Magazine SA and that’s when she knew she was destined to be working with this life changing publication. Live has shaped her to be the professional she is today. Being the Editorial Assistant for the Johannesburg office has been nothing but bliss. If Polly is not with Live, which is quite hard since it’s her second home, she blogs and also does some PR and social media management. The sky is not the limit for this young bird. Live, love and write!!! PEACE

“There are so many things I would like to achieve in my career life and being with this kind of an organisation is one of the top 5.”


Rifqa Paka

Rifqa was involved in the production of street dance events before joining Live Magazine SA as a stylist as well as a fashion and beauty editor. Having no previous formal qualifications, Rifqa now has an abundance of experience and a professional portfolio which she is constantly improving as a showcase of her talents. She now works as a freelance fashion stylist and is employed as Wardrobe Coordinator for a youth development television show called “The Dream Factory.”


Mikhail Petersen

Having been a design student at CPUT before joining Live Magazine SA, Mikhail was an awesome addition to the working environment. A vibrant, fun-loving individual, Mikhail is a talented illustrator and designer who used all his skills to contribute to the dynamic graphic design team. Through the experience he gained while interning at Live Magazine SA, Mikhail is now soaring high as a graphic designer for the municipality.

“I learned a lot on design and layout while working at Live and it sure helped open doors for me.” 


Vanessa Kungwane

Vanessa Kungwane held the positions of Features Editor and Marketing Assistant while at Live Magazine SA, managing distribution in Cape Town. She enjoyed brainstorming sessions as well as The Talk Thursdays, which she describes as “very enlightening.” She joined Live because of her love for magazines and interest in print publishing. She feels that her experience at Live was very unique and gave her a great deal of insight into the industry.

“Live taught me a lot in marketing and it fuelled much of my interest in circulation management. It sharpened my people skills…the most important thing I learned from the experience is to stick to principals and not individuals.”


Nicola Daniels

Nicola was the first editor of Live Magazine SA. While at Live, Nicola expanded her writing skills, learned how to be a good leader and gained experience in the process of creating and publishing a magazine. She is now doing well as an entertainment journalist for Media 24’s publication Son op Sondag.

“Through mentorship and guidance from Live I was prepared for the working environment, grew mature and responsible, and am able to brand and market myself for employment.” 


Jill Harris

A Graphic Design student at Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Jill joined the Live Magazine design team during her third year of studies. During her time with the magazine, Jill’s contributions stood out due to her consistent work ethic and passion for every project. Jill is now completing her final year in Graphic Design at CPUT, while freelancing for Publishing Partnerships.

“I learned to apply myself in everything that I do, and to incorporate my personality into my work to make it unique and distinct.”


Our Work

Livity Africa is a youth content agency that develops platforms, campaigns, ideas and social change… all created for young people, driven by young people. Our service and delivery provides clients a unique connection to a valuable pool of young talent, energy and ideas.

Live SA

Content Platform: Live SA

18 to 25 year olds

Live SA is a nationwide youth-run media channel covering a range of topics from fashion, politics, music, art, relationships, career advice, purchase stocks, events and gigs. All the content is 100% produced by our team of 18-25 year olds.

Over the past 12 months our digital community - websiteYouTube channel, Google+TwitterFacebook and Instagram has grown by 100% to over 600,000.

Benefit to the client
Live SA is also a place where brands and organisations can interact with young people in an authentic way.  We have attracted campaigns with Mr Price, British Council, Native VML and Canon among others. Download our digital rate card or we can tailor-make a digital or social media campaign to meet your digital needs.

Benefit to young people
Young people are mentored by professional journalists during their 6 months with Live SA, helping them to secure jobs in the media industry.

More info

VIP: Voting is Power

Campaign: VIP - Voting is Power 

18 to 35 year olds

In this year of the South African national election, the VIP campaign seeks to drive active, sustained participation and civic engagement among young people in South Africa.

Reach and engagement
Our campaign achieved 168,000 digital and in person engagements through social media, live debates and young people reading our content on Live SA. Our key pr campaigns generated national coverage of the two pre-election debates, securing pieces on ENCA, SABC, Power FM, News24, Sowetan Live and IOL among others. International media including BBC Radio 1, The Guardian and SBS Australia also interviewed young people connected to the campaign ahead of the elections. Young people were at the forefront of the coverage, giving them a voice in mainstream media.

Benefit to the partner
The VIP campaign is supported by Omidyar Network and contributes to their goal of strengthening the relationship between citizens and their governments.

Benefit to young people
Led by young people, the VIP Campaign continues to engage young people in the democratic process. A dedicated team of youth and citizen journalists have shared their news, views and debates leading up to the 2014 election and beyond. From videos, live youth debates, national Google Hangouts and Twitterviews…to an Elections Special issue of Live Magazine SA and an election day citizen reporting team - the VIP Campaign has been a platform and meeting place for young people to participate in the democratic process as well as to hold politicians and government accountable.

More info


Campaign: Digify - Next Generation Digital Talent

18 to 25 year olds
South African digital industry

South Africa needs to fill at least a quarter of the current workforce with digital professionals and Digify aims to help address this shortage by creating a consistent pipeline of capable and employable young talent into brands and agencies.

The programme kicked off in May 2014 in Johannesburg and since then we have seen 100% of the graduates go onto paid internships or entry-level jobs in agencies, brands or organisations.Digify graduates have begun careers at Native VML, Retroviral, FoxP2, Casson Media, Aqua Agency, iClinic, MTN, Vicinty Media, Hitch Digital , Publicis Machine and African Leadership Academy. Thank you to some of our industry partners who also supported the programme including 42 Engines, Quirk, Native VML, Red Bull, Retroviral, Net#ork BBDO, Mail and Guardian, mLab Southern Africa, Kit Kat, Nescafé, MTN, Nandos and Mountain Dew.

Benefit to our partners
Digify has been developed by Livity Africa in partnership with Google and IAB SA. We are working with Google to train the participants in key Google modules including Search, Ad Words, YouTube and Analytics in addition to wide-ranging practical skills with digital campaigns, social media and content creation. Armed with these skills, the Digify graduates will be placed in paid entry level jobs or internships in South African agencies and brands. In addition to addressing the digital skills shortage identified by industry, Digify offers diverse young digital talent who are representative of South Africa’s demographics.

Benefit to young people
We are giving young people a no cost opportunity to undertake a 3 month digital skills training programme delivered in partnership with Google and industry experts. As well as gaining broad digital skills, we are providing young people with those  professional skills that will help them get their dream digital job. Livity Africa is working with Google and IAB SA to offer every graduate of the programme a paid entry level job or internship in an agency or brand. So far we have achieved a 100% success rate of placing Digify graduates in paid internships or roles.

More info


Content: DG Murray Trust - eNCA Voice of Youth 

To prove that young people can make broadcast-quality television news stories, focusing on youth social and political issues from a youth perspective.

ENCA Inserts
Building on the success of the Live SA YouTube team, where young people are trained to produce video content, we developed news inserts for broadcast on eNCA. Working with our mentoring team, and with input and support from eNCA’s news producers, a group of young people brainstormed and developed news stories that give a uniquely youth perspective on pertinent current affairs issues facing young people in South Africa today.

Next steps
With funding from DG Murray Trust, we are producing a series of  youth-produced news inserts that were broadcast on eNCA in 2014, continuing in 2015.

British Council Connect ZA

Campaign: British Council Connect ZA -  Future Music & Creative Hustles

18 to 35 year olds

Connect ZA is a British Council initiated project working to connect a new generation of creative professionals and audiences in the UK and South Africa. The objective was to help connect the creative communities of South Africa and the UK with a specific focus on 18 to 35 year olds. We did this by developing and delivering a series of live music and creative networking events.

Future Music
The #FutureMusic series was a collaboration between Connect ZA and Live SA. In 2013, both Johannesburg and Cape Town played host to eight unique tours, where UK acts shared the line-up with local underground bands, DJs and performers. South African artists included hip hop star Reason, Johannesburg performance art ensemble The Brother Moves On and influential Cape Town electronic music duo Christian Tiger School. From the UK we saw Actress, 2 Bears and many more.

Creative Hustles
#CreativeHustles are a platform for young people to engage with established creative professionals, as well as to receive creative and career advice. In 2013 and 2014 we hosted 13 hustles in Johannesburg and Cape Town which focused on design, spoken word, visual art, photography, music and more. High- profile South African panelists included Mo Flava, Rolling Stone South Africa Contributing Music Editor Diane Coetzer, MTV Base VJ and MC Nomuzi “NoMoozlie” Mabena and Okmalumkoolkat. UK creative professionals to join the panels included Guardian UK Africa Correspondent David Smith, Roundhouse’s Sylvia Harrison and BBC3′s DJ and presenter Nick Luscombe.

Almost 2,500 people attended the eight #FutureMusic events held across both cities in 2013. The hustles have attracted over 1000 young people and reached more than 16 million people through media coverage.

Benefit to the partner
By partnering with Live SA, Connect ZA has been able to reach their target market of 18 to 35 year old South Africans, connecting  a new generation of creatives in South Africa and the UK. The pr campaign which accompanied both series has raised the profile of Connect ZA to more than 16 million people.

Benefit to young people
The Future Music series offered young people access to unique tours, where UK acts shared the line-up with local underground bands, DJs and performers. Creative Hustles continues to provide young people with opportunities to connect with established creative professionals and networks.


Campaign: Metropolitan

To increase brand awareness among the Live audience and to clearly position Metropolitan as an empowering and uplifting force beyond funeral plans in local communities.

To prompt thought, dialogue and action among young South Africans to get themselves financially literate and savvy, whilst amplifying Metropolitan’s existing corporate campaign around life skills through youth-relevant content.

Live Solution / Offering
Using a series of themes around which to weave in topical issues using engaging, youthful content Live SA used co-created magazine and online advertorials  to deliver important messaging around finance and health in a manner palatable  to the youth. Readers could also win themselves a smart phone, and their school or university a flat-screen TV and DVD player by answering questions relating to the article – thus encouraging interaction. The campaign reached an estimated 260,000 Live Magazine SA readers and 1.8 million people through our digital and social media communities.

Benefit to client
By working with the Live team, Metropolitan’s messages were delivered with an authentic youth tone, making them relevant and interesting to this young audience.

Benefit to young people
Opportunity to work on active campaigns whilst learning the process when implementing communication briefs across different media channels.

More info


Youth Insights:  Stayfree

Brief: Live SA team to conduct focus group with Stayfree’s advertising agency 140 BBDO and a team of young women around the perceptions of products and barriers to entry in the sanitary towel / feminine hygiene market

To discuss facts and discover sentiments and perceptions surrounding sanitary hygiene in the young black market and test authenticity of a proposed strategic direction.

Live Solution / Offering
A casual focus group to create dialogue and stimulate conversation around sanitary health with specifics prompts from client

Benefit to client
By working with the Live Team, 140BBDO got to grips with the authentic sentiments surrounding otherwise fairly sensitive issues in a fun, conversational and though-provoking environment of young women sharing their views, opinions and cultures.

Benefit to young people
Exposure to professional communication environment and access to creative and strategic minds in the industry. As all of the women came away feeling very inspired by having shared their views.

Chicken Licken

Campaign: Chicken Licken

Brand objectives
In support of their successful above-the-line Cravings campaign, Chicken Licken were looking for ways to speak to a youth audience in a fun, irreverent and humorous way, with a particular focus on highlighting the delicious new Hot Wings…

Brand solution
Live SA’s youth creative team conceived a one-off poster insert featuring design, illustration and copy around the idea of “Cravings”. The editorial team developed themes about what young people in South Africa crave, coming up with a barometer of cravings from music to fashion and the web. The editorial was brought to life by original illustrations by Live’s youth design team, using Chicken Licken’s iconic cravings Monkey and other creative hooks and assets. With this occupying one side of the fold out poster, which was inserted into 50,000 copies of Live issue 1, the flipside featured a full-bleed Chicken Licken advert developed by 140BBDOs professional creative.

Brand benefits
Credible, fun, youth focused editorial out to 250,000+ readers. Pull-out-and-keep mechanic of the poster gives it an extra ‘stickiness’ and added value from the magazine’s editorial. Provided a neat extension of the above-the-line campaign in print.

Benefits to the audience/contributors. 
For Live’s young creative team, first-hand experience working on an open brand brief with free creative range. Low-key brand messaging, focusing on a humorous take on youth culture. Super-cool free monkey poster for your bedroom wall.

Our Team

Our talented team of mentors and professionals have a diverse range of creative, journalistic, youth development, journalistic, design, video, photography, marketing and pr, events and digital backgrounds.

Siyabonga Mkhasibe

Live SA Team Manager

Siya is a 26 year old Soweto born and raised photographer, who initially joined the team as a contributor and now manages the Live Magazine intern team in Johannesburg. he believes that young people should think “Glocal” as in think of their local surroundings as global commodities that could bring the world to them and possibly also take themselves around the world.

Email Siya / @todar88 

Lindsay Breytenbach

Campaign Manager

Lindsay Breytenbach has worked in publishing since completing her studies in 2004. She joined Media24 in 2007 as Picture Editor at Heat magazine. Before the end of that year she moved to TRUE LOVE as Production Editor, then Head of Commercial Services for Thought24 in February 2010, Managing Publisher in 2011 and Associate Publisher in 2012 working across South African female titles Move!, Real, TRUE LOVE and TV Plus. Lindsay joined the Live team in February 2014, as VIP Campaign Manager. In her spare time she is the Specialist Generalist practising media in its varying shapes and forms.

Email Lindsay@blonde_blitz

Lee Molefi

Creative Content Strategist

A 22 year-old journalist and filmmaker whose lived in Joburg, Durban and Cape Town. Lee Molefi is a former-JHB editor of Live SA who is now the digital content manager of the VIP Campaign. Always curious and ever adventurous, Molefi is motivated by the idea of exploring the eccentricities, ideas and cultural innovations that make ZA’ans a unique breed of modern young people. He will never stop until he finds an appropriate meaning for the word “shangaan roulette” and says the rumours are true: there’s a buzz in Joburg nobody can point a finger toward yet everyone knows is there. Oh, he enjoys the politics of culture as much as he does the culture of politics.

Email Lee  @LeeMolefi

Gavin Weale

Founder and Managing Director
Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow

Gavin is an award-winning social entrepreneur and publisher from the UK.  Originally from a journalism background, Gavin led the development of the Live Magazine project for Livity UK over ten years, transforming a small local youth zine into a nationwide print and digital media channel that is 100% created by young people.  In 2010 Gavin won the UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur Award for his work on Live Magazine, which brought him to South Africa, leading to the development of the idea to replicate the project in South Africa. In early 2011, he was awarded a prestigious Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship, and moved to Cape Town. He has since been responsible for launching Livity Africa as a social enterprise, with Live Magazine SA as its primary focus. In two years Live Mag SA has printed and published eight issues of the youth-produced magazine, and developed a rapidly-growing ecosystem of youth-led online channels, all aimed at training and springboarding their contributors into work (with a success rate at over 50%), whilst distributing crucial peer-led content to a mass audience.

Email Gavin / @gavinweale


Live SA Team Manager

Sabelo Mkhabela is a Live SA alumni, who is now a Cape Town Team Manager. He is a young writer and artist who grew up in Swaziland but has been based in Cape Town for the past six years. He writes mostly about music and a little bit of politics.

Email Sabelo / @SabzaPassword 

Claire Conroy

Business Director

Claire is a new-age humanitarian pioneering the way for unconventional media solutions to social, economic and educational challenges in South Africa. Before joining Shuttleworth Fellow Gavin Weale to launch Live Magazine SA in August 2011, Claire had worked extensively in advertising, design management and marketing communications on global brands and projects in both South Africa and London - including Conran Design Group, One Young World, Global Humanitarian Forum, Arthritis Research Campaign, Tesco, Umbro, Bench, Hyundai, Getaway Magazine, The Jupiter Drawing Room & SOS Children’s Villages.

Email Claire

Thapelo Mosiuoa

Digital Campaign Executive

Thapelo Oliver Khotso Mosiuoa is a 22 year old originally from Evaton in the Vaal but now resides in Pimville, Soweto. The passion for literature & writing started back in High School in 2007 in English class but the passion only found an outlet until 4 years later. Young, Driven, Ambitious, Passionate, Outspoken & Motivated are some of the many adjectives that can describe Thapelo. He’s an aspiring writer, social media wizard, digital guru, the author of an unfinished book and an opinionated social commentator.

Email Thapelo / @MrMosiuoa

Rofhiwa Maneta

Junior Digital Content Manager

Rofhiwa is a journalist and photographer with a diploma in Media Studies. He initially joined Livity Africa as a contributor for Live SA but went on to work as a digital content manager for our VIP:Voice. Working for Livity has reinforced Rofhiwa’s love for journalism and, one day, he hopes to travel the world covering youth issues or set up a magazine similar to LIVE SA.

Email Rofhiwa@RofhiwaManeta

Sid Sidwaba

Project Manager / Youth Development 

With some experience in the theatre and entertainment industry, Sid Sidwaba joined Livity Africa as the admin and editorial assistant in February 2013 to launch the Live Magazine Johannesburg office. She now works as the project manager for the Johannesburg office to facilitate the successful running of the intern programme and all projects the office undertakes. Prior to joining Livity Africa she worked as the production manager and assistant choreographer for The Cape Town Show which was showcased at the Rainbow Room in Mandela Rhodes Place. She then took on the position of fundraising for the Rainbow Academy. In 2011, she worked as reviewer and SEO at What’s on in Cape Town. Her interest in the music industry led to her working as media relations co-ordinator for Free Radical Records. Sid Sidwaba completed her postgraduate (honours) degree in BA theatre and performance with majors in theatre making and play directing . Her commitment to seeing young creatives in the work has always been her professional objective.

Email Sid / @sid_sidwaba

Laskarina Yiannakaris

Design Mentor

Laskarina is a graphic designer who is fortunate to not only practice graphic design, but to also teach and conduct research in this field. Being involved in these three areas, she never stops learning. Laskarina’s aim is to share what she has learnt with young designers, who see the potential of design to make a real difference in their communities. Clients include New Media Publishing, Media 24, CondeNast, John Brown Publishing, City of Cape Town and Department of Environmental Resource Management. She has lectured in design departments at CPUT and Ruth Prowes School of Art.

Email Laskarina

Bulelani Mvoto

Video Producer / Mentor

Bulelani is a documentary filmmaker who never graduated from a film school but was fortunate to be mentored by women filmmakers. He has produced stories for Global Fund, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Department of Health (MSAT) and collaborated with independent filmmakers. Bulelani’s passion has always been to work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and share with them the basic skills of using moving pictures in telling stories so they become better people. He has a mobile cinema which he uses as one of his tools to educate and entertain youth in townships. Bulelani is now working for Live Magazine SA doing what he loves; sharing and learning from young people.

Email Bulelani

Tamara MacLachlan

Senior Video Producer / Mentor

Tamara has worked in broadcast television in UK for many years, as an editor and a director / producer, specialising in documentaries and children’s programmes for BBC, Channel 4 and 5. Over the years she has learnt that becoming an overall filmmaker is a huge advantage in this changing world. Teaching and working with young people in South Africa to pass on her various skills and knowledge is an exciting opportunity and one that she really enjoys.

Email Tamara

Polly Sekwala

Editorial Assistant

Polly is a free spirited journalist and occasional blogger, which is exactly how she likes to be defined. She is a young Media Graduate who majored in Journalism who went on to work as an Advertising Executive at a Soweto-based advertising agency. Polly joined Live Magazine SA as a contributor and now has been promoted to Editorial Assistant with us. She has been in this field for a year now and is loving every split second of it.  Being with Live has been life changing and she is glad to part of this winning TEAM.

Email Polly @ElizPhly

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