Digify & Absa ReadytoWork are giving away an iPad Mini

Trying to enter the job market can be a demotivating experience for most young people. You can easily start to feel like your money, time and effort is being wasted – from countless unsuccessful interviews to internships that never develop into permanent positions or that one business idea you just can’t seem to get off the ground.

Digify has partnered with Absa’s ReadytoWork initiative/programme to provide learning material that will help you develop those work, people, money and entrepreneurial skills that could help you unlock your career potential.

By registering on ReadytoWork you can select your own learning path depending on your individual needs and upskill online using a computer, tablet or cell phone.

The unemployment rate in South Africa currently stands at 26.6%. According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey by Stats SA, it is evident that the one component that separates the unemployed from the employed is their skill level.

The ReadytoWork modules are designed to teach young people how to create a CV that will stand out among the rest, how to nail an interview, how to use social media to market your business, tips on creating a budget and sticking to it and more.

Digify is a free programme that offers a wide range of practical workshops for digital campaigns – from teaching you how to triple your Twitter or Instagram following through an effective social media strategy, to content creation and showing you how to make your website pop up first on a Google Search or page using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Register now with ReadytoWork to access the resources that will help you take control of your professional life.

Visit DigifyAfrica.com and join our young, African digital community.

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