Live SA videos on catcalling, sex & skating in Jozi

Watch these men react to being catcalled by women

Women have been victim to unsolicited attention from men for the longest time. Live SA were curious to see how men would react if the tables were turned. The team took to the Cape Town CBD and Langa township with hidden cameras and recorded how men reacted to being catcalled by women.

The video has since garnered over 900 views on YouTube, while the version on Facebook reached approximately 25 000 views within the first three days. Street harassment is a serious issue for women all over the world, so turning the tables and showing men what it’s like to be harassed was an interesting social experiment. Check the video out on Live SA.

Is sex on the first date a big deal?

The subject of sex on the first date has always been a touchy topic. Some people have said that it could taint your image, but others have said that it could be the beginning of an amazing journey between two people.
Live SA asked some people on the streets of Jozi and Cape Town how they felt about this topic and the responses varied from, “it depends on the kind of person you are,” to it’s a “no no”. This video did well, as ‘sex on a first date’ is a contentious issue for young people. It’s also a topic that seems to promote a lot of laughter. Check the video out on Live SA.

 JoSkatersBurg: How 3 young Jo’burg skaters navigate Jozi
Live SA followed the lives of three different young skaters who have overcome obstacles to be part of the Jo’burg skating culture. Skateboarding is not something you particularly associate with Jo’burg, so seeing skating through the eyes of three young people from the big city is new and exciting. They each recall how they came into the skateboard culture and how their surroundings affect support or hinder them. Check the video out on Live SA.

Image Credit: Siyabonga Mkhasibe

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