Things that make me proud…

Writing up a quarterly update for the Shuttleworth Foundation folks is a good opportunity to look back on the last 3 months. Everything moves so fast here that one thing we’re definitely *bad* at is taking a moment to think, “hmm, that was actually amazing…”

But for my favourite artefact from September to November, I have to list an award won - not by us directly, but by Manez Sobethwa, a member of our team who moved on from Live Magazine SA to advertising agency 140BBDO.

In the Loerie Awards for 2012 Manez, still only an intern, won a GOLD for his first ever radio commercial for Snickers. Check it out here, with Manez performing the main monologue:

Not only is it an amazing achievement for a rookie in the industry, I think this ad is genuinely brilliant and funny, and shows the benefit of bringing diverse young talent into the industry that you may not find from the usual top-end advertising schools…

Manez, a lugubrious and humble soul, shrugged off the award…



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