Issue one: The Finish Line

I don’t know what to make of issue 1 yet. Seeing the spreads go up on the wall of our office over the last seven days has been exhilarating, painful, stressful, long. The finish doesn’t resolve itself quickly – seemingly endless processions of correction and amendments. Despite going through this process countless times before, it never seems to get any easier… and for our young team, it’s the first time.

But on Friday afternoon at around 5pm, we finally signed off the last page and there, in front of our eyes, had appeared a complete magazine. Too tired to celebrate properly, we made peace with the fact that there was nothing much more we could do apart from try and have a relaxing weekend then prepare the magazine for print on Monday morning.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside…


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One Response to Issue one: The Finish Line

  1. Estelle Goosen says:


    I am a Subject Adviser of the subject Computer Applications Technology in the Overberg Education District, with office at Caledon, Western Cape.

    I have 20 teachers whom I advise and support.

    I am planning a campaign in 2012 to improve the knowledge of learners about information and communication technology. I envisage quarterly competitions (in the form of olympiads, PowerPoint presentations on a certain aspect of ICT, hands on assembling of a motherboard, etc ) to motivate learners. At the end of the year I would like to award the 3 learners who have made the best progress in the district.

    A second aim of this campaign is to narrow the digital divide that still exists between the metropole and the rural areas.

    In order to reach these goals, I need support from influential role players, as yourself. I would appreciate any contributions and advice.

    Please send me information about who to contact in this regard.

    Thanking you in advance

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